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US: 5 Tips for a Drama Free Divorce

When you find yourself being defensive ask for a time out to get yourself together. Even if your ex is finger pointing, yelling, blaming, etc., don’t do it.

Take the high road. You will never regret calming yourself down but you will regret trying to change his opinion with defensiveness. It’s not going to happen — so let it go.

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US: Boomer Divorce a Costly Retirement Roadblock

“Gray divorce can be economically devastating for some people, especially for women who have been out of the labor force bearing children,” says Susan Brown, professor of sociology at Bowling Green State University and co-author of the 2012 report “The Gray Divorce Revolution.”

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US: American Girl Dolls: Divorce & the Legacy of the 70s

A doll named Kaya is a Native American from 1764. Addy is a slave girl from 1864. Kit lives through the Great Depression in 1934. It’s usually a terrific way for girls to learn about the past.

Each of my daughters saved their money and chose a different doll. My oldest daughter, Abigail, picked Julie Albright. Why? Because, Abigail said, “She’s the prettiest.”

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US: Right to Divorce as Important as Right to Marry

Even our Byzantine tax code

US: Wevorce Wants to Make Divorce Suck Less

Crosby has a background in family law. Nearly half of all marriages in America end in divorce and studies have shown that divorce iCan be a traumatizing event for children and cause lasting psychological damage. Despite this, little has been done to improve the experience for everyone involved.

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US: Divorce With Dignity Opens its Doors

A’Hearn has practiced law for fifteen years since graduating magna cum laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. A’Hearn is familiar with the court system and family law process having had worked with the courts, with the indigent and low-income in San Diego. A’Hearn continues as a volunteer with the Riverside County Bar in its free legal aid office helping out on family law cases.

A resident of the Coachella Valley for many years, A’Hearn decided to pursue a life’s passion to provide affordable, quality family legal services to County residents. She researched various options and selected the Divorce With Dignity Network. “Ever get the feeling that something was meant to be? That’s the feeling about affiliating with Divorce with Dignity (DWD) Network,” she explained.”

A’Hearn said, “Divorce With Dignity

US: North American Muslim Women: Post-Divorce

Women are often the primary focus of public discourse on such matters, and for good reason – a 2012 study,

US: Divorce Just as Much a Hurdle as Marriage for US Gays

Like marriage, divorce laws are determined by each of the 50 states, only nine of which — in addition to the federal capital Washington — so far allow couples of the same sex to wed.

“If a couple is living in New York City… they can get a divorce in New York City,” said Sommer, who is Lambda Legal’s director of constitutional litigation and senior counsel.

But complications arise when couples relocate to a state where their marriage is not legally recognized, said Stuart Gaffney, media director of the lobbying group Marriage Equality USA.

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US: Collaborative Divorce Offers Options to Court Battles

She and her husband, who also wanted to preserve family harmony, took charge of their own agreement. Arons has a financial background, so she tackled the money aspects. She hired therapists for herself and her children.

“I created this collaborative divorce, sort of ad hoc,” she said, because at the time, no Nashville-area attorneys were familiar with the collaborative process for divorce. The couple, baffling lawyers along the way, negotiated an amicable split.

The collaborative divorce concept — a problem-solving, teamwork approach to divorce — began in Minnesota in the 1980s, said Nashville attorney Caroline Beauchamp. She’s among a small group of local lawyers who have trained in collaborative practice since 2009.

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US: Adults Who Were Children of Divorce

Too often, these conversations end in acrimony, and you may regret that you even tried to have the talk in the first place. In deciding to speak to your parent(s), make sure to ask yourself this crucial question: