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UK: Divorcing Couples Rush to Beat Legal Aid Cuts

People earning over £14,000 will now need to take a much more in-depth means test before they can be granted legal aid.

Liz Bruce, a family lawyer for Bristol-based firm Lyons Davidson, said the impending cuts had already had a huge impact on firms, with many reaching case load capacity.

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UK: Listen to Poetry of Divorce Author, Tracey West on the BBC


UK: New Service to Ease Aftermath of Divorce

Mr Norris said he wanted to lift the veil on an area which is still taboo for many people.

He said: “Healing from divorce is not easy. My wife and I wanted to help people in separation and provide them with divorce finds tools, teaching and support to help them deal with their pain and give them hope for the future.

“Most people will say separation and divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences they’ve ever had.

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UK: Murder Sex & Divorce: Popes of the Past

Although never proven, there are claims that a ‘popess’ once resided on the papal throne. In the mid-9th century, a woman called Joan is said to have disguised herself as a man, getting herself promoted through the ranks of Cardinal to become head of the Church.

In the 13th century, stories arose about a Pope Joan who came to office in 855, which are said to have been taken as undisputed fact by the 15th century. It is said that, two years into her alleged reign, Joan gave birth.

This was apparently made a public event as a way of punishing Joan for her deception and, if legend is to be believed, she was then publicly stoned and killed. Historians are sceptical about how realistic the Joan story is but, with so much debate, literature and paintings centred on the topic, it is unlikely that there is not some truth in such claims.

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UK: Ringfencing Inherited Property on Divorce

The recent case of Y –v- Y [2012] concerned a divorcing couple and inherited assets from the husband’s side of the family.

UK: Orpington Divorce Recovery Workshops

The Divorce Recovery Workshop, based in Sevenoaks Road, is run by Vivian Marriott who attended the classes herself and now helps men and women overcome the grief that a marriage break-down can cause.

“When my marriage broke up I was devastated and shocked,” said Vivian. “It affected all parts of my life and I found a lot of people didn’t understand.

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UK: Don’t Let Divorce Destroy Your Family

Probably thousands of couples have done the same thing and got away with it, which isn’t right either. But it matters less because they weren’t high-ranking government figures who should be squeaky-clean.

But to me, the strongest message of all from this whole tawdry debacle is this: don’t let your divorce screw up your family. Show your children that forgiveness is better than bitterness.

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UK: How Mediation Takes the Sting Out of Divorce

Sounds clear enough. “Thirteen years ago,” she says, “it was different. I was different. I was needy. I needed a clown, a funny man. He needed a damsel in distress. I don’t regret it. I loved him. Our wedding was an amazing day. We really did intend to be together for the rest of our lives.”

So what happened? “Something changed, in him and in me,” she says. “I became stronger, he became grumpier. He’s quite a difficult person to live with. Opinionated, impatient.”

They tried to split three years ago, but failed. Last April, though, that was it. Louisa (not her real name) moved into the spare room. She went to see a solicitor; she also spoke to a

UK: Modern Divorce is a Sad Comedy

A defended divorce often attracts unwanted publicity because the British press love the chance to share with their readers the details of other people’s lives.

Take Mark Howell in the Court of Appeal (CoA) last month. He was told he had behaved unreasonably and his wife had established, to the satisfaction of the court, that she should no longer be expected to live with him.

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Wales: Welsh Legal Firm Launches £35 Quickie Divorce

“I am aware from conversations that there is the odd one here and there,” the associate solicitor said.

Howells, which has branches in Cardiff, Caerphilly, Talbot Green, Swansea and Newport, offers three different options.

The first is the aforementioned £35 “DIY divorce pack”.

“This pack includes all the forms necessary to complete your divorce, comprehensive guidance notes to help you complete the forms,” claims the online blurb.

The second is a £99 “managed divorce petition.”

A divorce petition has to be filed so permission can be granted for divorce.

“No case handlers, unqualified legal assistants, sales staff or call centres,” says the site.

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