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China: Rising Divorce Rate a Mixed Blessing

At the beginning of this year, four couples in Shanghai reportedly parted ways shortly after their marriage registration on January 4, 2013, which was considered an auspicious date to tie the knot in China.

The number of divorces in Shanghai went on to soar from March onwards, when the central government introduced a new series of real estate regulations to curb domestic housing prices. A host of opportunistic couples severed their legal ties in order to buy additional property without having to pay an enormous extra amount of tax.

Apart from this unusual motive for divorce, other major reasons that couples in Shanghai split up include extramarital affairs, financial difficulties, family disputes, sex issues, and disagreements over parenting.

Global: ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ Does Eco-Signings

The book has been published with helping hands from her husband Simon and Tracey admits it’s a strange concept talking divorce a dozen times a day in a new marriage, but the collaboration seems to be working incredibly well.

He is also divorced ​and has a perfect empathetic spirit and has been very interested to read stories from men who have had a tumultuous time getting there.

Simon explained, ‘I completely understand Tracey’s passion to tell the tales of men who have suffered at the hands of violent, bullying, self-obsessed, ​vitriolic or venomous women. On the subject of domestic violence against men,​ for example, it’s an enormous problem in the UK alone​ and hardly ever spoken about. That said,​ ​’​POD: for Men’​ is going to be as humorous and cheeky as its predecessor and the editorial team are hopeful more men will step forward with contributions of their stories, with a view to them being turned into verse ​by Tracey.​

With books being stocked in the US and throughout Europe and with Tracey being a sustainable living writer and soul at heart​, it is hoped that a bit of simple technology will provide a solution for ​her to be able to appear ​at book signings anywhere ​in the world, without leaving her home county of Dorset in the South West of England.

She proposes a traditional book signing at a table in a shop and to ​offer a private audience with each customer that wants to speak to her and request a personal message inscribed in their book. A computer and webcam, speakers and a tablet that turns Tracey’s handwritten dedications into files that can be printed in the shop instantly, should allow her to ​have personal conversations with her readers around the globe, leaving an almost zero carbon footprint.

‘It is a bit alternative, but if you generate a buzz somewhere, it’s great to follow it up with some face to face time with your audience’, she explains.

If you would like to organise an eco-signing with Tracey for ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’, please drop us a line.

Global: ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ Hits the Ground Running

Topics covered include filthy habits, leading up to leaving, solicitors, getting back into the saddle again, sex and other social experiments and new life.

The book is available in the UK, the US, throughout Europe, in Japan, even Australia and Tracey hopes it will go a long way towards encouraging women to pick up a pen and notepad to start writing out their dark days, rather than relying on less healthy solutions.

She isn’t afraid to admit she had depression and anxiety at times and sought medical assistance to help her get through it.

US: Divorce Just as Much a Hurdle as Marriage for US Gays

Like marriage, divorce laws are determined by each of the 50 states, only nine of which — in addition to the federal capital Washington — so far allow couples of the same sex to wed.

“If a couple is living in New York City… they can get a divorce in New York City,” said Sommer, who is Lambda Legal’s director of constitutional litigation and senior counsel.

But complications arise when couples relocate to a state where their marriage is not legally recognized, said Stuart Gaffney, media director of the lobbying group Marriage Equality USA.

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China: Shanghai: More Couples Filing for Divorce

Chen blamed the steady increase in divorces on the character flaws of couples born in the 1980s because most are the only child in their families, making them more self-centered and impatient than couples of previous generations.

There is also less stigma attached to divorce than in the past. “People used to be ashamed of getting a divorce, but it is normal nowadays,” Chen told the Global Times.

In addition, some couples have been getting divorced to take advantage of the government’s relocation compensation system, Chen said.

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