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China: Rising Divorce Rate a Mixed Blessing

At the beginning of this year, four couples in Shanghai reportedly parted ways shortly after their marriage registration on January 4, 2013, which was considered an auspicious date to tie the knot in China.

The number of divorces in Shanghai went on to soar from March onwards, when the central government introduced a new series of real estate regulations to curb domestic housing prices. A host of opportunistic couples severed their legal ties in order to buy additional property without having to pay an enormous extra amount of tax.

Apart from this unusual motive for divorce, other major reasons that couples in Shanghai split up include extramarital affairs, financial difficulties, family disputes, sex issues, and disagreements over parenting.

China: Love Stories Can End in Divorce

When he went back to his seat, 9-year-old Wang Xiaotian gave his father a close hug and a big kiss. “I am the happiest child in the world,” said the little boy as he piled his parents’ hands on top of his own.

Wang and his wife smiled at each other in a touching family scene that was observed with envy by many other parents.

In Xiaotian’s eyes, his parents are a wonderful couple. Even after 10 years of marriage, they are always polite to each other and never quarrel, fight, or even raise their voices. However, the little boy has only observed a small part of his parents’ relationship and is unaware of the stresses and strains on the relationship caused by an episode that almost led to divorce.

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China: Professionals Called In to Halt Rising Divorce Rate


China: Women Face Divorce Court Defeat

Extramarital affairs and domestic abuse are the two main reasons for women to seek a divorce, a press release from the court said Wednesday.

China: Using Technology to Manage Divorce

I read with interest the report (“How to keep the ex at bay”, February 24).

I commend you for publishing details on how technology can help co-parenting within divorced or separated families for the benefit of the children involved.

The article cites Google Calendar, Skype, apps, text messaging, online agendas, e-mail and internet resources as helpful technology to cool acrimony and promote co-operation. These electronic conversations are silent and it is a good thing to avoid “arguing in front of the kids”.

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Hong Kong: Single Mothers V Single Fathers

Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Susanne Choi attributed this to Hong Kong’s rising divorce rate and the fact that mothers are more likely to win child custody in divorce cases.

China: Divorce Rate Rises for 7 Straight Years


China: Shanghai: More Couples Filing for Divorce

Chen blamed the steady increase in divorces on the character flaws of couples born in the 1980s because most are the only child in their families, making them more self-centered and impatient than couples of previous generations.

There is also less stigma attached to divorce than in the past. “People used to be ashamed of getting a divorce, but it is normal nowadays,” Chen told the Global Times.

In addition, some couples have been getting divorced to take advantage of the government’s relocation compensation system, Chen said.

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