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UK: Increase in Divorce for Over 50s

“There have also been fabulous overseas adventures including a Caribbean cruise with friends and a month travelling on my own in Bali, Australia and Hong Kong – things I’d never have done had I remained married.

“In fact I wish I’d been brave enough to end the marriage sooner but I stayed out of commitment to my vows and for the sake of our two children.

“Mick and I met at school and when he asked me out I couldn’t believe it as he was such a good-looking boy, while I was a quiet and naive girl who’d had a strict Methodist upbringing.

“We married in June 1973 aged 21 and had our two sons Steve, now 35, and Kevin who tragically died in a motorbike accident when he was 22, just nine months after his dad and I separated. Over the years Mick and I had drifted apart.

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Australia: Dating the Divorced

1. You will always be number 2

Not to her ex Mr Touchy, but to her kids. This is the number one deal breaker when it comes to dating the divorced.

Even though you’re swept up a heady infatuation you haven’t felt since high school, you have no choice but to step back as far as are children are concerned.

And by the way, they’re going to resent you for dating their mum.

Well, at first. Even with the best motivation, any attempt to monopolise her time will quickly see you on the receiving end of “it’s not you, it’s me.” Guess again, it is you and you smothered her.

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Australia: High Cost of Divorce

General manager of IBISWorld (Australia) Karen Dobie said the average cost of a straight divorce was $3600 per couple, while a contested one was just under $10,000.

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Australia: Sex & the City Drinking Culture to Blame for Divorces

Of these, about half now related to the female partner, something that was ”practically non-existent” 10 years ago.

”That’s a really huge shift in my lifetime in the job,” she said.

”Dads that have applied to have children living with them are now succeeding in about half the cases, and that’s because there’s deficits in the mother. I think this is a very serious shift.”

Ms McKinnon points the finger at so-called ”Sex and the City

Global: ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ Hits the Ground Running

Topics covered include filthy habits, leading up to leaving, solicitors, getting back into the saddle again, sex and other social experiments and new life.

The book is available in the UK, the US, throughout Europe, in Japan, even Australia and Tracey hopes it will go a long way towards encouraging women to pick up a pen and notepad to start writing out their dark days, rather than relying on less healthy solutions.

She isn’t afraid to admit she had depression and anxiety at times and sought medical assistance to help her get through it.

Australia: Hike in Divorce Charges Hit Unhappy Couples Hard

A submission to a Federal Parliamentary inquiry into the increases revealed that one person had put aside $5 a week just to afford to lodge the divorce application form.

Last year the Government increased application fees from $577 to $800. In January, the reduced charge for those who demonstrated financial hardship rose from $60 to $265. The extra costs raise $38 m a year.

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Australia: Marriage Misery Hits WA’s Under-25s

In the past five years, the number of men divorcing aged 24 and under increased 40 per cent, and there was nearly a 30 per cent rise for women.

Curtin University cultural studies professor Jon Stratton said young couples rushing to the altar were influenced by romantic tales of celebrities marrying spontaneously.

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Australia: True Marital Bliss Comes Late in Life

It is only towards the end of the commercial lifecycle (and just before pensionable age) that Australians seem happy to settle down with the partner of their choice.

I wonder, also, whether by 64 the sexual drive of the Australian people begins to be less of an issue, prompting separations and divorce. Take lust out of the equation and marriage miraculously blossoms.

Once sex and the need for an income to support children are out of the way, Australians tend to love the partner that they are with.

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Australia: Sage Insights from Adam Zwar

Then Agony Aunts saw Zwar interrogating some equally clever women on dating, marriage, divorce and dating again. Now, in his new series, after letting his aunts and uncles take us through the many cycles of love and loss, he allows them to guide us through the various stages of existence: from childhood to adolescence to adultery, from creating and supporting families to building and managing careers.

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Australia: Talking Divorce in Bairnsdale

Demand for mediation services have grown in Gippsland says Tom Sinclair from the Traralgon Family Relationships Centre.

Couples now have to wait up to 12 weeks to undergo mediation.