Reviews of Poetry of Divorce: for Women

‘In these pages are humour, heartache & hope, held together with rhythm & rhyme, I think it’s great! While Tracey doesn’t shy away from painful stuff, she does what she sets out to do; bring light to something dark. What started as a process of self-nurture & self-healing has ended as an act of celebration & generosity. You’ll find yourself cheering her on as she’s cheering you up.’

Matt Harvey, Proper Performance Poet, BBC Radio 4 & village halls near you

‘Divorce for me was like a bereavement. This book is a diamond in the blackness, an emotional, gut-wrenching, soul-singing read, that shows I’m not alone in my thinking. The Coping Tips are real gems too.’


‘This book has little pearls of wisdom with a point of brightness to aim for in the tunnel of divorce. A great boost when my emotions were running high in my relationship & my self-esteem was at an all-time low.’


‘I thought the words were great, really accessible, I also love the photo production. Good luck with it, I’m sure it will fly off the shelves!’

Elise Rayner, BBC Radio Presenter

‘This book broaches the unthinkable topic of divorce alongside child bereavement in a realistic & uplifting manner. A most excellent read, but prepare yourself for giggles & tears’

Maggie, CEO

‘Tracey has created a wonderful resource for women faced with similar challenges. It is filled with passion, wise words, sadness, laughter & lots of naughtiness! You cannot fail to be moved by her writing.’


‘Tracey is a breath of fresh air when tackling a taboo or clandestine subject’

Toni, Chair

‘Tackles domestic abuse head on & we hope this book will help us continue to provide essential services to the women & children that need us’

Molly, West Dorset Women’s Refuge