Divorce Coping Tip for 24th December 2017

Scent is very evocative and can set off all sorts of memory triggers.

If you enjoy wearing a perfume, consider investing in a new brand to mark your transition into a new flavour of you.

If you’re feeling really psyched by this idea, do a little internet research and find a perfumery and book a session with a professional who will help you concoct a perfect blend of your favourite aromas.

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Alternatively, if the budget won’t allow quite that much extravagance, visit a local health food store and buy some calming phials of essential oils like lavender, rose geranium, coconut or neroli (which can help you sleep too).

Lavender is just about the only essential oil you can put straight on the skin, around the pulse points is the best way to start it working on soothing your nervous system and giving you the pleasure of the aroma too. Others will need a base carrier oil, like sweet almond or cold-pressed rosehip.

Just ask the assistant, they will be only too glad to get you on a natural new track.

Divorce Coping Tip for 23rd December 2017

If you’ve been a wedding ring wearer, it is safe to say that on the day you decide to remove it, you may be somewhat shaken and stirred.

A wedding ring embodies what marriage is about; solidity, strength, commitment…well of course, that’s in a good case scenario. If you’ve been trapped in a marriage where things weren’t so happy, it can signify entrapment in an endless circle of repetitive nightmares.

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Regardless of how you view the ring itself, it can be quite a chore getting used to touching the empty space on the third finger of your left hand and touch it you will.

The urge to twiddle that naked space is almost impossible to fight and it serves as an immediate reminder of what’s going on. There are no rules saying you need to keep that finger ring-free, if it’s too much to bear, consider getting something else to wear that symbolises your step towards a more positive future, or leave the space empty and buy a different item of jewellery and divert your twiddling twitches elsewhere.

Divorce Coping Tip for 22nd December 2017

There are few topics I’m reticent to dip into because of the enormity of them. This is one such and if this tip is relevant to you, please seek further advice and assistance, it is not something you need to deal with on your own.

So, you say you’re going to leave and they reply, ‘You can’t do that, I’ll kill myself’.

Where on earth do you go from here?

Threatened self-harm or suicide is indeed a cry for help, but not one you are qualified to treat. It is often deep rooted and even if you believe you know what the underlying causes are (dubious it’s simply your unveiled plans to leave) it’s unlikely to be something you’ll be able to handle well.

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If the situation seems fairly calm, you may be able to buy time and put things on ice while you find breathing space to contact their doctor to explain what’s happened. However, if things are out of hand and danger is possibly imminent, call the emergency services and request assistance from the police.

Mental health instability is very real and should be treated seriously, it is not however, a reason to keep you living with the person who is threatening it and your mental health and wellbeing need to be taken into account too. Make an appointment to see your doctor and download the situation, you may need a little of their TLC also.

Divorce Coping Tip for 21st December 2017

I imagine your tender constitution is also being bombarded with relentless reminders of the fact that Christmas is around a rapidly approaching corner.

There are greetings cards, rolls of wrapping paper and spangly bunting in all of the major supermarkets, even the local independent shopkeepers have swivelling displays of paper greetings waiting to be bought and scrawled on.

If you are immersed at any point in your divorce right now, consider yourself in quite a unique and favourable position. The Christmas card list is in your control! You can legitimately scratch off anyone that has racked you off, you can halve your postage bill by slicing off anyone from your ex’s side of the fence and you can probably take a year off from sending any, simply because.

Interestingly enough, anyone who is insistently fond of you will send you one and not grumble if you don’t send one back. Perhaps you might like to rewrite your friends list too.

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Divorce Coping Tip for 20th December 2017

We must take responsibility for our own actions and accept that we are not responsible for the behaviour of others.

Ex’s walk their own path, just as you walk yours. You must not lay blame for their actions on your shoulders if you left them and actually, even if you didn’t!

Cut yourself some slack and understand this can be incredibly hard to do, particularly when they are behaving in a vile or out of character manner.

We all have the power to curb negative responses to the actions of others and for sake of our own inner peace if nothing else, we should endeavour to do so.

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Divorce Coping Tip for 19th December 2017

When we advance in our years and suddenly feel the pressures of life, the universe and everything bearing down upon our shoulders, it’s easy to forget the people we used to be.

This is particularly true as you recover from being scalded by the embers of a marriage that was going nowhere.

The fact is, if you are able to reconnect with the soul you once were, you might also be able to tap into a pocket of the energy that used to drive and thrill you.

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Dig back in your dim and distant past and remember the things you used to do, the things that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up with excitement, the things that made you buzz.

Was it dancing, was it diving, was it potholing or abseiling? Whatever it was, pick up the old threads and try the activity again.

You may have to make a few adjustments to your level of participation, but you might find whatever the activity is, you take to it like and old duck to water.

It’s got to be worth a shot, for the giggle factor alone!

Divorce Coping Tip for 18th December 2017

There are lots of ways to feel mentally rid of your ex and as many to help you feel physically rid of them too.

Your skin is a precious covering of an incredible individual and you may not realise it, but you get a completely new one every 28 days or thereabouts.

You will undoubtedly have heard the song about washing that man right out of your hair. How about brushing him right off of your skin instead.

Seek out a nice natural bristle brush designed for dry skin brushing and with long slow strokes, brush your entire body one area at a time always in the direction of your heart. Take your time, this isn’t a process to be rushed.

As well as clearing away the old skin, you’ll help the new you to re-emerge from within feeling stimulated and ready to face the day; long live the power of ex-exfoliation…

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Divorce Coping Tip for 17th December 2017

What do you do on the lead up to Christmas if your children aren’t allowed to see you and they sit under the immobilising spell of a hate campaign waged against you by your ex?

In the short term, there’s not much you can do to be honest unless you are prepared to make a very disruptive noise. If your ex is unfairly controlling the contact they have with you, there’s always the choice of taking them to court to have a judge certify what your visitation rights are, but even then, a vile and spiteful ex will probably ride roughshod over it until they are forced to do otherwise. Also, that’s not going to produce a positive result before Christmas.

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Any noises you make to try and see your children may well antagonise the other parent and it could actually make things worse for the youngster.

There are always routes through the barricades however and it’s your job to find them. Find an empathetic relative from the other side who can deliver a message, or go through school perhaps, maybe even just write an old fashioned letter and have it delivered to a neighbour or trusted friend. Pour love on your children via any means and know the malevolent parent will probably pay the price for their unpleasant behaviour; karma has a way of settling things eventually.

Divorce Coping Tip for 16th December 2017

Think realistically about the amount of inner strength you require to hold onto the memories of the good bits that you had in your marriage.

The happy dynamic you once shared is highly unlikely ever to return in the form it had and no amount of optimism can make it so. Even if you’ve had a remarkably palatable co-existence since your separation, divorce will render it different and you would do well to accept your relationships’ migration to another plane, instead of hankering for the past.

Invest your energies into rising again with gracious acceptance and thanks for what you shared and look to the future for new relationships that will colour your world with fresh, bright tones.

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Divorce Coping Tip for 15th December 2017

It might come as an awful shock if your doctor confirms one of your greatest fears; your divorce is causing you to suffer with anxiety or depression.

You are not alone, don’t worry. According to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, around 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental problem in the course of a year and 1 in 6 in the past week.

Don’t fight the diagnosis or the recommended course of action and if your doctor advises you to take medication, don’t fear getting off antidepressants before you’ve swallowed a tablet.

Rather, consider the consequences of not paying attention to their informed judgement on your current state. All things pass and you will be back on your feet again in good time.

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