Male inspired divorce poetry available late 2014

All things being equal, the men’s version of Poetry of Divorce should be available in the Autumn of 2014.

Poetry of Divorce is a collection of upbeat, stark, witty, gritty yet essentially encouraging poems, by Tracey West.

Through her sharp and comedic pen, they outline everything from the uphill struggles, to the absolute adventures faced by many men, as they attempt to carve a coherent route through the most emotionally and financially draining times.

It will move you from belly laughs to tears with truths from several different men’s personal experiences of divorce and offers an honest reflection of common journeys, which can actually be quite healing to read, because it shows you’re not alone.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom, however some of the pieces do touch contentious topics including domestic violence, abuse, infidelity and more…oh, and there’s also a bit of language and sex in it too, so don’t go expecting anything fluffy…you have been warned!

It has been written by best selling eco-author Tracey West (formerly Smith) and is set for publication in the Autumn of 2014.

It has a far higher purpose than reading entertainment.  Tracey started writing poetry and researching divorce in the UK to help her make sense of her own unpredictable madness, as the unkind process of divorce unfolded and before long, her small pile of paper scratchings turned into something large enough to sit comfortably on a bookshelf.

Tracey encourages ‘you’ to pick up a pen and do the same!

Your poems don’t need to be clever dittys, they don’t even have to rhyme and they should flow from your fingertips when you are in the darkest of spaces, the funniest of situations and the rawest of moods.

For Tracey, the act of writing her own poetry delivered a modicum of salvation and a great deal of self-healing and it gave her an external destination to document the insanity of it all.  Using this body of work as a base, Tracey went on to cast her net far and wide and tapped into a huge network of men, all of whom had funny and painful stories to tell.  The poems that resulted following her extensive research, went on to chart many varied experiences under a safe cloud of anonymity for the source of the story.

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