Divorce Coping Tip for 11th December 2018

If your ex was a control freak and trapped in a mental box, you can be sure that even after the divorce, they’ll chance their arm again and try to regain the control they (thought they) had.

If you’ve broken away from that relationship and are now back on your feet, that’s where you need to stay. With enormous bravery you removed yourself from that oppressive situation and you do not need to revisit the horror or hurt ever again.

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It may well be that you need to seek out a steadying influence, a close and dear friend who knows what you had to endure, in order for you to see the light again.

Ask them to help you up from any temporary dips of sadness and they will. Anyone who observed your descent when you were with your ex, will know the value of patience, reassurance and perseverance.

You are a survivor, never forget that!

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