Divorce Coping Tip for 8th November 2018

One of the most infectious things in the world is laughter and when you are getting divorced, it seems fits of it are too far and few between.

Having a proper giggle is actually very good for you! It releases endorphins, the body’s own natural happy juice, it helps strengthen your immune system, it quashes stress and more besides.

So how do you go about inducing a bit when you are feeling down in the mouth?

If you have the internet to hand, your choices are endless. Pull up a snippet of YouTube showing highlights of a favourite old comedy show, like Soap, Happy Days or Cheers. Or if you prefer something purely audible, find a comedy play on the radio, there are so many to choose on the BBC archives alone. Or seek out straightforward joke websites, there are too many to mention and I’m not recommending any particular ones as a great many have listings of genres that you might find offensive!

Humour is incredibly personal and if you can stomach a Google search of Divorce Jokes, you might find something that tickles more than a funny bone. There is humour in the madness you just have to find it.

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