Divorce Coping Tip for 10th November 2018

As you meander through the divorce process, you’ll find yourself presented with countless opportunities for physical, emotional and spiritual transition, to a higher plane.

The financial transition you have to undergo is generally imposed upon you; there are very few ways you can prevent it.

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I liken the alteration to adjusting to retirement. It may have been thrust upon you against your will, you might not want to stop being with people you’ve previously loved sharing the company of. You might not want to cope with having less disposable income in your pocket. You might not want to move house, but financial pressures may dictate otherwise. If you see your retirement or your divorce as a bag of horrors, you’re almost pre-determining a negative outcome.

However, if you accept the fact that there are going to be limitations and you give your imminent change of circumstances a more willing embrace, you’ll stand a better chance of riding the wave, and not drowning.

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