Divorce Coping Tip for 29th October 2018

I met a wonderful chap today called Nigel. He recounted details of his divorce of over 20 years ago, like it were yesterday.

It was a highly disruptive and wearisome period of his life and like many divorces it lasted almost a year.

Whilst that might not be a time frame you want to face, a year is a fairly good estimate of how long it takes to wrap the process up.

To keep his disposition upbeat, he used an interesting technique to mark the time by purchasing a pack of playing cards.

He shuffled them thoroughly and each week, he took a new card from the top of the pack and focused his energy on that card. He’d doodle it on paperwork and draw it in various ways to keep his mind occupied. At the end of the week, he placed it face down in a new pile and picked another.

Bizarrely, he said everything concluded on the week of the Ace of Hearts; what a perfect card to start a new game.

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