Divorce Coping Tip for 28th September 2018

If you reach the point where you wish your ex were dead, you really need to step back from the plate and find some clarity and sense in the layers of that morbid thought.

There’s thinking it, there’s saying it out loud to yourself, there’s telling someone else and there’s telling the ex.

The elevation from the primary to the latter is quite a jump and the last two might get you into all sorts of trouble if, by some incredible twist of fate, they met an untimely end.

Yelling, ‘I wish you were dead’ and saying, ‘I’m going to kill you’ are quite different too. The latter is a threat that may well invite police intervention. You cannot threaten to kill anyone, it is illegal.

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So, keep the thoughts in your head, I’m certainly not going to advise you not to think them, indeed, such thoughts can offer a modicum of stress release when the ex is behaving in a true to form vile manner. However, it might be more constructive to simply keep away from their inane noise and bad breath; you cannot go to prison for that.

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