Divorce Coping Tip for 24th September 2018

In the UK school summer holidays are now a distant memory and families everywhere are fully back into the swing of a normal routine. Of course, if you have a divorce bubbling away on the back burner, you might be asking yourself what normal is right now, as you struggle to firm up appointments with your legal team to move things along.

Solicitors go on holiday too and they love the school holidays as much as the next parent. If you’ve been chasing an urgent appointment with them, you’ll have more luck if you can avail yourself during term time. If you hold on until the half term holiday, the end of term holiday or Christmas, you’ll find yourself in another tricky situation.

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I realise it’s probably difficult to find time away from work and perhaps from the responsibilities of your young ones, but it might be worth calling in a babysitting favour from a friend or maybe even calling in sick for the day if need be, in order to meet up with your legal representative to get the ball rolling.

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