Divorce Coping Tip for 21st September 2018

If you are tiptoeing tentatively through the early stages of divorce, today’s tip might be of interest, especially if you are having second thoughts.

Reconciliations can happen. Some can turn out to be incredibly successful, with the jab of reality being precisely what was needed to pierce both hearts adequately, prompting a swift rethink about where the relationship was going.

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What happens if one wants to try to make a go of it and the other isn’t interested? It may be that the disappointed one has to take it on the chin and move on, but not before pouring every ounce of effort into doing all they can to give it one last try, or at least proposing to.

Rejection of that person’s efforts at this stage will be emotionally costly, probably to both parties, but sometimes it takes a bit of straight talking to realise there is no future in that last ditch attempt and then it’s a question of getting down to the practicals.

If anything, double checking where you stand will arm you with certainty, clarity of thought and determination to get to the end of the divorce as efficiently as possible.

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