Divorce Coping Tip for 20th September 2018

I spoke to a friend recently about how she was coping with her cancer treatment and at the end of our enlightened conversation, she gave kind permission for me to outline our discussion by way of an uplifting tip.

She said that remaining upbeat and continuing to smile was a ‘decision’ she had taken and she was going to stick to her commitment to uphold that disposition.

For her, there wasn’t an option to fall into a puddle of self-pity. She was determined to ride it out and come out of treatment the other side as positively as was humanly possible; after all, what would the other option be? Total misery, apathy against everything, distancing herself from friends and relatives who wanted to help in some way?

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Remaining positive when life throws you a curved ball is an admirable way to be, but I concur, very hard to pull off all the time. However, if you can keep a PMA going through your divorce, you will place yourself in the happier camp and that has to be a nicer place to put up your tent.

What was that song that Monty Python’s Eric Idle sang in The Life of Brian?

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