Divorce Coping Tip for 19th September 2018

Getting divorced forces you to have a general overhaul of everything that marks out your days and nights.

To be honest, reassessing exactly how you spend your time is not a bad thing to do, whether you’re getting divorced or not.

Sit yourself down at a clear table and write on individual bits of paper all the things you have to put energy into; going to work, going to the gym, running the kids to ballet/drama/music classes, volunteering at the PTA, getting the weekly groceries in, dropping the DVDs back to the shop etc.

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Take a long hard look at those commitments with a critical and selfish eye and find the chores you can screw up into a ball for paper recycling. Be firm, be selfish and get real! Claw back as many minutes as you can by doing an internet shop, or taking other parents up on their offers to move the children to and from clubs and put a limit on the benevolent things you do for the community at least until you’ve finished putting all the energy you need to into the divorce.

Look forward to carving out a new future with a bit of flippant time just to simply ‘be’.

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