Divorce Coping Tip for 18th September 2018

Shared property and children make for an interesting and potentially stressful mix when it comes to sorting out your divorce.

There are a great many critical factors to explore fully with your solicitor, or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau if you are in the early days of your proceedings and busily collecting information. Topics for discussion will include whether it’s in joint names, whether you have a prenuptial or a cohabitation agreement etc.

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If you are married, hold onto the fact that you do have a right of occupation, regardless of whether you are named on the deeds and you cannot simply be evicted from that property by your ex.

If you have children, it might be possible for you to live in the property until the children have come to the end of their education.

As I’ve mentioned already, it is a minefield, so seek professional advice as soon as possible if your ex is behaving threateningly and trying to drive you out or block you from living in your home.

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