Divorce Coping Tip for 16th September 2018

It can take a long time to finalise a divorce, particularly if you have a great deal of property and other assets that you cannot agree on a fair split of, or a large family that is proving complicated to come to a final decision on.

In the US, it is possible for a judge to make a Temporary Court Order while divorce proceedings are taking place, as opposed to getting to the end of the divorce and doing it from that point on. It is often done to keep the waters calm on both sides during difficult or complex cases and to find some working ground for these important issues that will need to be thrashed out in time.

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The Temporary Court Order can address some of the following points; who gets which car in the short term, where the children live, visitation arrangements for the children, how the contents should be split in the interim, who has responsibility for bills, rent, mortgage and so on.

It’s not an ideal situation as it is essentially subject to change, but hopefully it’ll give you both a steady footing on which to dot those crucial i’s and cross all of the necessary t’s.

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