Divorce Coping Tip for 14th August 2018

What do you do when your ex, who has been an endless font of suffering and torment since you split up by behaving in a truly vile manner, starts being nice to you?

Well, if they have a serious track record of presenting badly, I suggest you do nothing at all!


You will have undoubtedly spent weeks, maybe even months, shoring up your defences and for a very good reason; not to let them or their hurtful volatility back in again.

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Keep your protective barrier in place and don’t waste too much time cogitating whether or not they have have had a personality transplant.

a) it’s highly unlikely and b) what’s the point?

Do you plan to let them back into your life? Do you plan on hanging out with them again? Are you going to leave yourself open to a harpoon of heartache piercing your inner sanctum? I doubt it.

Think leopards. Think spots.

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