Divorce Coping Tip for 13th August 2018

Today’s tip follows on from yesterday’s advice to those living in England and Wales about form D8, the Divorce / Dissolution/ (Judicial) Separation Petition, which you need to fill in to file for divorce; see www.gov.uk/divorce/file-for-divorce.

Of all the sections you have to complete on that comprehensive 8 page form, the worst bit has to be Part 6, where you need to qualify why you’re divorcing them.

The supporting notes claim that one or two sentences will do, but the compulsion to retch everything out is often irresistible.

In respect of adultery, you don’t need to name the other person but you do need to give times and dates of when you believe it took place.

In respect of unreasonable behaviour, give details of their usual conduct, or list up to half a dozen of the more serious incidents with dates, including the most recent.

In respect of desertion, state the date, details around the circumstances of it and confirmation that you’ve lived apart since then.

In respect of 2 or 5 years of separation, supply the date, brief details of how it transpired and if it’s the 2 year separation, give confirmation that your ex consents to the divorce being granted.

Whatever the reason, it can hurt to lay it out in black and white, but that hurt is part of your journey to closure.

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