Divorce Coping Tip for 11th August 2018

If you have children, you’re no doubt up to your ears in the summer holidays, or as I occasionally call it, the 6 week childcare marathon!

If you are in the early days of separation and sorting out new living accommodation, you will do well to drop the head of year and form tutor for your child a note to explain what’s occurred before they head back to school in September.

It’s very likely they will be picking up email through the holiday and if you can forewarn them of your change in circumstances, they will be in the best position to offer additional assistance to your child upon their return.

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Also, if you are struggling financially and have any trip commitments that need to be paid for early in the new term, you may find you qualify for emergency assistance; don’t be too proud to accept it, that’s what the fund exists for, emergencies just like yours.

Things will undoubtedly be tricky for everyone until the dust settles and the more you can do to smooth the way at school, the better it will be for all concerned, particularly for your child.

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