Divorce Coping Tip for 29th July 2018

Adrenaline is the stuff that divorces are made of. It will fuel your body through a great many of your most stressful moments and you will get through the other side, but there will a price to pay.

Once your fight or flight situation has passed and your heartbeat has returned to normal, your body is likely to say, ‘Excuse me, sorry to bother you but it’s time to pay up with your pound of flesh’.

I say, ‘Pound of flesh’, actually, it’s your eyelids its after.

You will need to rest up and probably sleep. When your body cashes in that cheque, don’t fight it, it’s futile. Go to bed, close your eyes at the very least and let your limbs recoup the energy they need to function properly.

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The wall of tiredness can hit you with a vengeance after a bout of adrenaline and all the power drinks you can get your hands on won’t avert what it really needs.

Rest and get ready to fight another battle on another day.

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