Divorce Coping Tip for 28th July 2018

If you have chosen to start a new relationship soon after wrapping up the old one, or indeed, if you started a new one before the old one had drawn to a close, don’t panic, I’m not going to berate you, I’m here to lay out a few words of advice.

Try hard not to flaunt your new beau in front of your old love. It will cause you no end of trouble, even if you feel the ex deserves to be hurt, it may come back to bite you far harder in the bottom than your intended victim.

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Love on the rebound can work and can be far more fulfilling than anything you’ve ever known, but tread lightly forward with the new source of your affections and build a slow and steady relationship built on the best foundations you can.

Your ex will unquestionably feel the sting of you being with another, they might end up lashing that sting out in your direction if you cross their path with bad intentions.

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