Divorce Coping Tip for 25th July 2018

Crying is a very common pastime when you are clenched in the wiry grip of divorce but did you realise that there are three types of tears.

Firstly there are basal, which lubricate the eye keeping it clear of dust. It’s a fluid not dissimilar to blood plasma. The are also reflex tears which come to wash out irritants like onion juice, they are also linked with coughing, vomiting and yawning.

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The third type are emotional tears, more often provoked by sadness and stress but also from being enormously joyous too. Emotional tears have a different chemical composition than the other two, they contain protein based hormones, one of which is a natural painkiller and research suggests that it is the chemical element responsible for making you feel better after crying.

One fact is certain, when you cry you dehydrate and lose some of your essential salts, so after a good session, be sure to top up your water levels, maybe pop a little cream on your eyes and get some good sleep and rest. Tomorrow is another day and you’ll be closer to the goal of the end of your divorce.

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