Divorce Coping Tip for 12th July 2018

Once you have separated from your spouse, don’t close your mind off to good things happening at some stage, with a new partner.

Stay focused on the future and whatever you do, don’t allow cynical friends to blur the positive version of your love life with their tales of home-grown doom and gloom, based on their Post-Divorce Book of Bad Experiences.

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With one fell swoop of their tarred brush, the entire populace of potential new partners could be disapprovingly ring fenced, with you standing on the outside, rattling the barbed wire fence.

You could be wary of which side of the fence your friends are actually standing, you could try to analyse their motives for being so vocal about your life, or you could just say, ‘Oh stuff it!’ and enjoy a little bit of happy, it does you good!

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