Divorce Coping Tip for 30th June 2018

There’s a growing trend in the US for divorce parties and they seem to be catching on and gathering strength in the UK too.

Whilst I understand the significance of celebrating the fact that this unpredictable period is over, I’m not entirely sure I get wedding ring coffins and black iced cakes with plastic icons of dead grooms perched on the top, but it seems the commercial wheels still turn even for the most morose of life events.

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The Unitarian Universalist Clergy actually has a service to mark the day, known more fondly as the Ceremony of Hope and that I can understand. We generally make such a fuss as we get into this club, for those who like to commemorate significant happenings, I can understand them wanting to mark the termination of their membership.

Perhaps, ultimately, a divorce party is just a good excuse to have a get together with the chums who have helped you through your difficult times and a perfect opportunity to put a full stop at the end of your immediate pain.

Whatever you decide to do on your D-day, be sure to give lots of positive thought to a brighter future.

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