Divorce Coping Tip for 22nd June 2018

I spoke to a dear chum today who is sadly very ill. She isn’t going to get better, in fact, over the next few years she is likely to get much worse.

She said, ‘I’ve got to the stage where I’m fed up with people telling me to take things easy, not do too much, not push my limits and particularly, not to let myself get upset about things. Yes my life is a struggle, but I’ve decided to indulge in the happy for as long as my body and mind will let me. When I crash and burn, so be it. With a little rest, I get back on my feet again and am ready for my next mad adventure, which I embrace with open arms until I fall once more’.

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If you turn apply that analogy to recovering from/during a divorce, it makes sense too. If you feel like partying until you can cope with nothing more, do it! Have a glass more than you should, eat late, stay up watching all the rubbish on the TV until your eyes are streaky and then crash and recover. You will. The sun will come up again and you can live with a bit of regret for being naughty, but if you live life and never nibble at the naughty, you’ll never know how sweet it is to recover from the occasional hangover of life.

Breathe, live, push the button and don’t die wondering…

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