Divorce Coping Tip for 12th May 2018

It’s bizarre how many people come out of the woodwork when you announce your divorce.

Some say, ‘Oh, my friend Edna had a terrible time with her divorce, she had blah blah blah occur, it was awful!’.

I think they may be trying to find a way to cope with and process your news, by either showing a degree of empathy via the Edna link, or by trying to lessen your pain by saying someone they knew had a far worse time than you are.

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It’s probably essentially kind-hearted but often ineffectual and at times, inappropriate and insensitive.

The fact is your divorce pain might only be a paper cut on the finger by comparison to Edna’s amputation just below the knee, but that doesn’t take the biting sting out of your paper cut. Pain is pain and you should be given the grace to experience it, regardless of Edna or others in a similar boat, so smile politely, send a well wish to Edna and put the kettle on; this is one conversation you might find easier to change the topic.

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