Divorce Coping Tip for 20th April 2018

When separation and divorce comes a-knocking, it’s not just contact with the ex you have to ponder.

You’ll find a whole raft of friends and family waiting in the wings for their fate to be decided upon too.

If the flappy-tongued gossip-mongers have done a good job and they are quick off the mark, you might not have the luxury of making that decision. A fair proportion of former associates will fall either side of the fence and you might be surprised to the core by the stance of a few.

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My extensive research has shown that those living in the most fragile of greenhouses, with the most questionable pasts, have regularly been the ones with the most audacity, sat on moral high ground, throwing the most enormous boulders, showing they have more front than Blackpool!

It’s life and you might find it easier to let go of their connection, than to fight to keep them onside.

There are plenty more friends of fish in the sea.

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