Divorce Coping Tip for 29th March 2018

It is all to easy to slip back into the purchasing habits that you were used to, pre-divorce.

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If your ex was the major earner in your relationship and you aren’t receiving a great deal of financial support from them, you will have to set an urgent post-divorce budget to live by.

Credit and store cards will make temporarily uplifting but unnecessary purchases horribly accessible but you must remember, you will have to pick the bill up at some point; your ex may have been the last buck, but they aren’t there any more.

Living within your new means is tricky but you can do it and things will be far easier if you set realistic spending limits for food, clothing, utilities, entertainment and so on.

Be sure to explore every avenue for benefits from the government, there’s probably more available than you realised for low earners.

In the meantime, make a positive start by cutting up your store cards and finding out where the charity shops are near you.

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