Divorce Coping Tip for 22nd February 2018

It’s awfully tempting to offload divorce angst, onto somebody who really is on your side. Indulging the urge to do so is fine, providing that person isn’t your solicitor.

It’s an expensive mistake to use your solicitor as a counsellor and to be honest, unscrupulous ones are unlikely to encourage you to stop.

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Divorce and the ancillary pain that goes with it, is part of their regular day at the office but never forget, your time is their money. They may feed from the morsels of detail you throw them and with anger fuelling your fire, you might end up instructing them to write costly letters to contest things that aren’t worth it.

Keep a level head and employ them to get the job done, not be your friend through it.

Broken hearts can offer an easy route to the precious resources left in your bank account; treasure every penny.

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