Divorce Coping Tip for 9th October 2017

You can spend from here to eternity feeling guilty for the inevitable repercussions of your divorce, but to be quite honest, there’s very little point.

Your ex might be bleating on about how they’ve been in a flat spin since you split up and your children might be riding a dangerous tide on a surfboard of attitude.

Both may wallow in selfish delight blaming you for their behaviour, because it’s easier than facing facts and taking personal responsibility for their actions.

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I suspect right now you have enough on your plate wading through your divorce and whilst I accept that it is important to let your children run through the full spectrum of emotions at this difficult time, sometimes there comes a point where they push their boundaries a step too far; their bad behaviour needs to sit at their doorstep, not yours.

As for your ex, well, if they want to act like a delinquent, let them get on with it; I suspect their personality deficiency was one of the reasons that led you to this point.

Assure your youngsters of your love, tolerate their troublesome demeanour to a degree and guide them towards a straight and narrow path; which direction they take when they get there, is entirely down to them.

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