Divorce Coping Tip for 3rd October 2017

Regular readers of the Divorce Tip of the Day will know I have a bit of a penchant for embracing distraction techniques to keep you occupied and slightly social.

It’s just as well I have a stack of them up my sleeve too, because it’s very rare for a divorce to conclude within a short space of time, even uncontested ones, unless you have a bottomless pit for a purse that is.

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On the run up to Christmas, there are lots of plays and performances in production. Some are being cast now (I know this to be true) and if you fancy diving in to a bit of am-dram, a concerted bit of research should uncover a few in your area. If you’re not feeling quite so confident, perhaps you’ll find solace painting scenery, sewing costumes or doing technical stuff like lighting and sound.

One thing’s for sure, a busy rehearsal schedule with lines to learn will offer the perfect slice of distraction with a highly likely friendly bunch and it might assist you through to your final curtain.

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