Divorce Coping Tip for 31st October 2017

If you are applying for a divorce in Scotland and have low finances, you may be exempt from paying those crippling court fees.

Some of the circumstances that will allow you to waiver the fees include:-

a) If you/your spouse/civil partner receive any of the following:-

income support or income based employment and support allowance

pension credit guarantee credit

working tax credit, including child tax credit (income conditions apply)

working tax credit, including a disability element (income conditions apply)

working tax credit, including a severe disability element (income conditions apply)

b) Or if you are receiving:-

universal credit

income based jobseekers allowance

You will need written proof from the DWP or the HMRC clearly stating that you are in receipt of said benefits. Your solicitor will be able to advise you further, or if you are representing yourself, be sure to speak to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for additional guidance.

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