Divorce Coping Tip for 30th October 2017

If your relationship has broken down but you both feel that divorce is a step too far, perhaps because you think there might be a hope for reconciliation in the future, perhaps a judicial separation might be worth considering.

It is a way for a married couple to formalise a separation, it isn’t terribly common but it often rears its head as an option when religious objections to divorce are thrown into the mix.

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It follows much the same procedure as a divorce and financial matters are overseen by the court leaving both parties with agreeable and equitable shares all being well. The courts also get involved if there are any child residency issues to resolve.

Once everything has finalised, it will show that there are no legal reasons for you to have to live together.

The most important point to raise is you are only legally separated, you are not free to remarry. You should consider the consequences very carefully indeed and if you are in any doubt as to whether you should split up formally at all, perhaps a bout of intensive counselling is in order to try to save your day.

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