Divorce Coping Tip for 2nd October 2017

As if a feisty divorce wasn’t enough to cope with, all too often there is emotional aftermath to mop up as well.

It might be yours, or one of your children, it might even belong to a close confidant who has supported you through your divorce.

Manifestations of post-divorce angst might rise in the form of depression or a silent retreat, it might be anger-filled resentment, it could even be a complete slip off the rails with a meltdown thrown in.

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Whatever form it takes and whoever it pertains to, I guarantee if it is a third party who is suffering you’ll experience compounded anguish from feeling responsible for its arrival.


Out of character physical and emotional imbalances often have more than one root cause and your divorce might be a single strand from the rope that caused it. If it is affecting you or your child, seek medical assistance and guidance, if it’s affecting somebody else, encourage them to do the same and do your level best to support them as they get back on their feet. Brighter times are ahead.

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