Divorce Coping Tip for 31st August 2017

The minute the kids return to school in September, the shops will start displaying things for fireworks night, halloween and Christmas! (Yes, I know it’s not even September until tomorrow!)

That’s all you need, as you wade through the inevitable paperwork and form filling in of your divorce.

This tip is going to face the big C full on as pretty soon, you’re not going to be able to avoid it.

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Make a plan for Christmas right now. Decide what ‘you’ want to and be prepared for friends and family who will project invitations your way with the kindest of intentions and lots of, ‘You’re coming, I’ll not take no for an answer’.

Even if it’s a complete and utter ruse, it’s a great excuse for getting out of being places you really don’t want to be and it might just flip from being a diversion to being a proper plan.

Do you fancy seeing it in whilst basking on a beach in a foreign country? Great, book it up! Do you fancy sitting by a log fire in a cottage overlooking a Scottish loch? Fabulous, just make sure you pack gloves, a scarf and a hat and one of those shake the snow dome thingies, they’re essential.

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