Divorce Coping Tip for 29th August 2017

Have you ever heard of super-mood foods? Maybe not, but if you’re suffering with the debilitating symptoms of anxiety or stress during your divorce, you might want to start looking into them.

There is no advice better than the stuff you’ll receive from a good doctor, however, a bit of research into the best victuals to feed your mind and body, will serve you a slice of distraction therapy and might make you change your mind about what you want to cook for supper.

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Pure raw organic cacao is rich in antioxidants and tryptophan, a very strong mood-enhancer and it’s also crucial in the production of serotonin, our natural happy juice. Goji berries are fabulous too, easy to throw into a smoothie or to eat raw as a nibble.

Nuts are wonderful, as is soy, dark orange vegetables and dark green leafy ones too. Yoghurt and citrus will help you come out on top of the blues as well.

Perhaps the easiest of the mood-boosters is the good old banana. Packed with potassium and less than 100 calories each, they are very effective if eaten towards the end of the day and some say, they aid good dreams; sound’s like a good enough reason to give it a try to me.

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