Divorce Coping Tip for 28th August 2017

So what do you do when your ex – also the parent of your child – needs to be contacted in respect of an accident or injury to the child.

I guess it’s all very well if they have been a placid and approachable soul, but if their track record of pleasantries leaves a lot to be desired, you may feel hard placed to know where to begin.

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The ideal scenario is for you to bite the bullet and give them a call, especially if it’s urgent. Rise above your marital indifferences and do the right thing as parents. If they behave badly in response to your call, when you hang up, throw your palms up to the sky and affirm, ‘No change there then’ the point being, you will have done the right thing.

If you are absolutely unable to speak to them directly, ask a mutual friend to make the call and pass on the news. You may be required to make a joint decision about surgery or treatment and you need to try and find calm and common ground on which to do so.

Your friend can only do their best to pave the way and if you are the primary carer, you may have to make those decisions yourself. Either way, the child is the centre of the universe at that point and their care is all that matters.

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