Divorce Coping Tip for 19th August 2017

It is ridiculously hard to stop worrying when you are surrounded by the unpredictable chaos that is divorce.

However, worrying about your problems can actually be worse than the problems themselves.

Worrying causes sleepless nights, anxiety, stress, depression, stomach pains, the shakes and more besides. The more you worry, the worse these symptoms become and the more you worry; it can be an horrifically vicious cycle.

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One of the ways you can limit the bite it has, is by writing down your list of worries and giving yourself a dedicated time to think about the things on your list. If you feel overcome by worry at say 1pm, you can tell yourself that at 7pm each evening you’ll address the things on your worry list and think about ways to solve them.

As it isn’t 7pm, you are not allowed to think about it and do your level best to put it out of your mind for now. It is a method that requires practice and self-discipline but it can help if you let it.

Don’t forget your doctor too, I know I mention them often, but that’s because they have a great big list of ways to recover from emotional problems; call them if worrying itself becomes a real worry.

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