Divorce Coping Tip for 17th August 2017

If you feel you have been indulging alcohol more than you know is good for you, that’s actually quite a good sign.

Recognising what you’re doing might not be in your body’s best interests, is the first step to addressing an excess.

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You probably know already that alcohol is in fact a depressive substance, it may give you a temporary lift but if you are feeling down in the mouth, it’s more likely to exacerbate those dark feelings and it can easily make a bad situation appear ten times worse.

Cutting down your intake progressively is a good plan and a far better idea than cutting it out completely in one hit, especially if you have been drinking consistently for quite a while.

Make an appointment to speak to your doctor to discuss it if you can, they are best placed to help you make those crucial changes and to offer you controlled assistance and support to get back on your feet and don’t be frightened to look at the good advice on alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk.

You’re on the right road at last.

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