Divorce Coping Tip for 15th August 2017

If you think you are having a rough time of it with your divorce, be glad you’re not a celebrity.

Their high profile ding dongs play out in front of audiences of millions of adoring fans and invariably, the media will favour one side of the partnership.

The ‘bad guy’ will be hung, drawn and quartered in front of their friends, family and those who appreciate their acting/music/writing etc.

You can almost guarantee that whatever spin is being put on their story, it’s a world away from the simple truth that’s going on behind their gated closed doors.

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Spend 10 minutes perusing the internet news gossip columns for who is divorcing whom, who they’re reportedly sleeping with, why they deserve to be taken to the cleaners and so on and you’ll soon be grateful that your audience is considerably smaller.

They still bleed, they still hurt and they have no way to let the world know about the injustices they are facing, it’ll just be another sheet of newspaper that’ll wrap tomorrow’s fish and chips.

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