Divorce Coping Tip for 8th July 2017

What happens when you leave your spouse for a list of unpleasant behaviours and then before you have the time to draw breath, you find a letter on the doormat from a solicitor saying they are divorcing you.

Well, if you can step away from the anguish of the inequity that is undoubtedly woven into the situation, you’ll do yourself a favour.

Anybody that files for divorce has to write a godforsaken paragraph of reasons why this is the case and your ex may well have taken lyrical liberties with the freedom of the pen.

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The bottom line is simple; if you were going to divorce them anyway, take my advice and take the petition on the chin. The only gains made by putting in a counter petition, are by solicitors!

Hold onto your money, bite onto your lip and get the wretched thing over and done with as soon as you possibly can.

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