Divorce Coping Tip for 7th July 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed writing a piece for Poetry of Divorce: for Women entitled, ‘Ungroovy’.

It talks about the records and songs we play when we experience a break up and how torturous, yet necessary they are to listen to.

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‘On go the records and round go the songs, with words dipped in poison on razor sharp prongs’. Oh, how true. Crying out our history is a very cathartic process and I think as significant songs play that you have old association with, memories are released, thoughts are evoked and even smells are remembered; they are ultimately all part of the healing process.

So, dig out those old CDs or tapes if you still have the equipment and embrace all that unfolds as you listen to them. There must have been some wonderful times buried right at the back. Smile, laugh, cry and remember.

Then move on with peace, love, melody and lyric.

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