Divorce Coping Tip for 3rd July 2017

If you are on the lead up to leaving, believe it or not, you are in a better position than the partner you are about to deliver the news to.

Forearmed is forewarned and perhaps the most important decision you need to make is where you are going to lay your head after you’ve pressed the Big Red Button.

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Once you set your mind to it, you may find that retreating to a good chum’s house for a bit of quiet thinking is your best move. It can be difficult to weigh everything up, especially if you are feeling delicate and emotional. Somehow, a different set of four walls can be just the sobering experience you need to get things straight in your mind.

However, if you are beyond this step and ready to make that move, put deep thought into where that move is actually going to be. Indeed, are you going anywhere at all, or do you intend to ask your spouse to move out?

Whichever way it pans out, you will need some security in your mind about where you are going to sleep in the first instance while things get underway. A bit of planning might save you a stack of much needed cash.

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