Divorce Coping Tip for 27th July 2017

Old friends and acquaintances from your married years are a funny old lot when you think about them; they’re unpredictable, unreliable from time to time and great at making you feel like a total failure.

During the splitting up era, they generally fall one side of the wall or the other. Those that choose to walk straight down the middle of the wall often find themselves caught up with mixed emotions laced in guilt and loyalty, which leads them to take their frustrations out on you either directly, or behind your back.

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If you have folks around you like this, it’s well worth asking yourself, at an early stage following your separation, whether you have the emotional wherewithal to cope with their volatility and unusual behaviours, on top of those of your ex, particularly if they are doing a great job of being a flailing salmon.

If not, give great consideration to pulling down your shutters and keeping them on the outside, at least until the dust has settled and your self-preservation armour is polished, intact and firmly buckled on.

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