Divorce Coping Tip for 9th June 2017

Coming to terms with your separation can take time, but once you’ve made the decision and as soon as things official are underway, you’ll be wise to get your efficient official head on and spread the word.

There’s a handful of important organisations who need to know what’s going on and the sooner you advise them the better.

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Write a generic letter if you can and leave spaces to handwrite in addresses and reference numbers, then get a batch photocopied. Make a thorough list and begin with any government or council offices that you receive benefits from or pay taxes to, for example the tax and rates office, housing benefit, tax credits etc. Your landlord or mortgage company will need to know about any changes in circumstance, as will the child benefit office and schools or other educational establishments if you have any young ones. The utilities companies, all banks, finance and insurance companies most especially if you have joint policies and finally doctors, dentists and other health bodies.

Taking a proactive and speedy approach to dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s may feel insensitive in a way, but it can be easier to deal with in the early days and in one hit if you can handle it. Sporadic incorrect stuff in the post can drag the advising phase out even more and prolong your upset.

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