Divorce Coping Tip for 8th June 2017

It can be a bamboozling task trying to make long-term financial decisions about any capital you may find yourself in receipt of, post-divorce.

Whilst you must recognise that we are are not IFAs, if you are in the UK you might like to consider putting your money into NS&I Premium Bonds in the short term, while you have a think about what you want to do. Instead of paying interest, the NS&I hold monthly prize draws with a £1 million jackpot and over a million smaller denomination cash prizes.

The organisation is backed by HM Treasury so you can sit confidently in the knowledge that all the money you invest in Premium Bonds is 100% secure whether or not you win a prize.

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Once you’ve received some sound independent financial advice on how to best invest for your future and made an informed decision on what you want to do, you can cash the Bonds in immediately and get the full lump sum you invested back out, ready to reinvest as you choose.

Safe short-term plans are secure and comforting while you’re recovering from the bizarre madness of divorce.

NB: Seek qualified independent financial advice on what to do and do not put it all under the mattress!

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