Divorce Coping Tip for 6th June 2017

We work hard to provide tips on varied topics to help you deal with early separation and divorce, regardless of your gender and marital set up; tonight, however, it’s male specific.

Statistics from the UKs ManKind Initiative (May 2013) show that 40% of domestic abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) victims are male; for every five victims, three will be female, two will be male.

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In England and Wales there are around 500 refuges for women compared to around 50 refuges for men, approximately 5 of which can take men and their children. There are also a handful available for gay men, but they tend to be big city based, London etc.

Male or female, you are not alone. Domestic abuse is completely unacceptable. There is help out there and national helplines and websites are a great place to start finding it. Try ManKind Initiative, Survivors UK, Esteem Men (UK) and A Voice for Men (US).

NB: Thanks to Brian at ManKind for invaluable assistance.

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